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Vivier homes have been beautifying living spaces since 2004. But to us, interior design is more than just putting the icing on the cake. It is about making your home your own and transforming it into a space you really want to spend time in.It can surprise our clients to know that sometimes very big changes can occur, with only the smallest of alterations.

Take the lighting, this is the one area that can completely transform the atmosphere and all it takes is one lightbulb. The correct type of lighting is often all it takes to turn a cold, sterile room into a warm, ambient space. Whether it is the kind of lighting that is being changed – more light fittings or a simple change of bulb, our interior designers can offer the advice you need.

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LED Spotslight For Your Ambience Interior


Dimmer switches give a range of options to any room, which you may not have considered before.

More types of bulb can be dimmed than you may realise. Including the most up-to-date LED spotslight.

Yes, there are even specific LED spot dimbaar which you can purchase.

No longer are dimmable bulbs as restricted as they used to be.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many reasons to install a dimmer switch – here are some of the main points.


People don’t always realise that by installing a dimmer switch they may be helping save the environment. But it could do; depending on how much you dim them you may be able to save energy by up to 98%.


Naturally, this saving in energy is not only great news for the environment. It could also translate into a saving of multiple pounds.

Depending on your usage, you could be looking at a ten percent saving overall in your energy bills.


The main reason most people are persuaded to install a dimmer switch is the ambient lighting effects it can bring to your rooms.

Depending on the type of bulb you are dimming, you could transform a warm glow into a cooler vibe or clear, white lighting into something a little more relaxing.

No matter what the kind of bulb, how strong the lighting is that it provides, there should be a dimmer switch option for you. However, it will need the right kind of dimmer switch for whichever type of bulb it is that you have.


Another advantage to having a dimmer switch installed can be extending the life of your bulbs.

It stands to reason that if they are not being used to their maximum capacity that they should therefore last longer.

Light bulbs these days are expensive and so anything that you can do to conserve them will ultimately save you money all round.


Nowadays there is a greater choice of lightbulbs than ever before and some confusion surrounds the issue of which bulbs may be successfully used with a dimmer switch.

The short answer, is most of them may be used with a dimmer switch, but not just any dimmer switch.

LED spots dimbaar are specially designed to work with LED dimmers, for example.

Whichever type of bulbs you have, you should check carefully with the manufacturer that they will work with your dimmer switch first.


Because incandescent bulbs work by having a filament which heats up to provide light, they are vulnerable to burning out with overuse.

Using a dimmer switch is one way of substantially improving the lifespan of this delicate bulb.

Incandescent bulbs are the ones which are most likely to dim correctly with any type of dimmer switch. But always check before installing, just to be on the safe side.

Incandescent bulbs generally work well with even the cheapest type of dimmer switch and will usually dim all the way down to nearly off.


Not everyone realises that their fluorescent lights can be dimmed – but they can be.

However, not every fluorescent light bulb will work with your dimmer switch. They should be fitted with a dimmable ballast, so check carefully before buying!

Even with the correct dimmer switch, a fluorescent bulb may not turn all the way down when dimmed.

Often people with LED spotslight don’t think that they can be dimmed. Well, the good news is that they can be.

All kinds of LED lighting can be adapted for use with a dimmer switch – the correct type, of course.

So whether they are LED spotslight or some super stylish LED spot dimbaar, with a bit of work, you should be able to find the right bulb for you! Visit for more information.

Giving Your Home The Spanish Look

If you are currently stuck for ideas about transforming your home this summer, without making any major changes, Spanish influenced interior design might be able to give you a few hints.

Although some of the features of a traditional Spanish home may take a larger investment and greater time scale, plenty others are far easier to achieve, such as using dimmable led spot light.

Here are some of the key elements that can be incorporated into any contemporary living space to give it that warm, Mediterranean flavour.


The use of wrought iron is popular throughout Spain and can be easily added to your home.

It may be a simple replacement of the lamps and lighting arrangements, for something made out of iron.

It could be a decorative iron curtain pole with charming wrought iron end finials.

Perhaps you could introduce a beautiful wrought iron fireguard into the room.

There are many ways to bring this elegant feature into your living rooms which will instantly add a Spanish accent to it.


Tiles of all types are widely used throughout Spain and the Mediterranean region.

If the thought of having to tile an entire room seems like a lot of work and potentially too much expense, it does not have to be the case.

Spanish inspired design may be added as a runner on top of your pre-existing tiles. Particularly with a plainly tiled room, this can immediately add spice and colour to your space. And it didn’t have to take a long time to achieve.

You don’t need to tile an entire room or even a whole wall to get the look you desire.

Tiles may be used to make a feature out of recessed areas or any other smaller area in your home that you may want to draw the eye towards.


Traditional Spanish influenced design usually means beautiful dark hardwood flooring.

This can be a little expensive, possibly, but it will also last for a lifetime, with the correct care.

Other flooring solutions may include the use of slate or terracotta tiling, to stunning effect.

Because carpets are less usual in Spanish influenced design, you will probably be on the lookout for a decent sized area rug for your room.

Often, these will be the lighter colours of the palette. Light greens and gentle yellows offsetting a white backdrop.

Rugs have major advantages over carpeting in as that they can be swapped around as you please and more easily cleaned.

These are just a handful of suggestions for transforming your home into a Spanish inspired living space.