Our Main Service

At Vivier homes we divide our main services between residential, commercial and hospitality.

Often, our clients are surprised to discover that we do more than simply style domestic homes, beautifully!


Sometimes, people baulk at the idea of calling in an interior design service when it is “only” the end of the living room that needs an overhaul or a “bit” of the kitchen.

It is easy to forget, when you make a significant new purchase like a cooker or a freezer that it has to live in harmony with the rest of your kitchen.

Suddenly, things that you had never thought about may need to be altered.

This is why it is a good idea to hire the professionals, to help manage any new development in your home’s decor.

Our designers are adept at picking out just the right accessories to go with that new lime green fridge freezer and can transform a room with a very low budget.

But it is not only the small jobs which we do – of course we can transform an entire room or the whole house.

We are regularly hired by people who have just moved into a new home, to give it the personal touch.

We know how to strip down and remove all the traces of the previous occupant and help you stamp your own mark on a place.


The average worker spends more time at their office, with their co-workers than they do at home, with their own family.

And whilst this may be a sad indictment of our times, there is nothing to say that the office should not be the best environment it is possible for it to become.

We can redesign and remodel your workplace for less than you think and sometimes it really only takes a few small changes to really see the difference.


Because a hotel is more than just a place to sleep, our designers know how important it is for your establishment to get it right and attract and retain your clients.

We can offer assistance with big refurbishments or small alterations alike.

We handle all aspects of the hospitality industry, from guest bedrooms to redesigning the lobby or the restaurant.

It is not only hotel owners who call on us for help. We also supply re fits to country clubs and health spas.

If you are a business owner in need of an update, you will be amazed to discover what our designers can do for you.